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Warranty of Services

It is our desire that every client be completely satisfied with our services in every respect.  This warranty of services is provided to assist you in complete understanding of and comfort with our process and services.

Remember, the fee you pay is not a part of the price of the vehicle. It is our fee for the time and effort put forth in your behalf.

  • Your service fee will be fully and promptly refunded if you have obtained a lower price quote, prior to our quote on the same make and model, equipped identically to the vehicle on which we quoted our price to you.  Proof of purchase at a lower price is required by furnishing ABCS with a copy of the vehicle MSRP (window Sticker) and a copy of your fully executed purchase contract.
  • If, due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, emergency or an unexpected financial hardship, you cancel your order prior to our quote, ABCS will refund your Service Fee less $35.00 to cover the cost of our efforts prior to cancellation.
  • We guarantee the accuracy of our vehicle locating capabilities.  If we cannot locate the specific vehicle you requested and within 10 days of our search you are successful in locating the vehicle, we will refund your entire fee (upon providing us your proof of purchase).  This excludes special orders for the vehicle. 
  • Refunds are not available on pre-owned vehicle orders.  While we do our very best to find the exact vehicle with the exact specifications that our client desires, the market and inventory are so variable, complex and volatile that it is impossible to guarantee price, especially when no two pre-owned vehicles are really identical.