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FAQHelping you make informed decisions

Q. Why should I consider using your services?

A. First and foremost, we work for you!

  • We will negotiate the very lowest price possible at the time of your order for your vehicle.
  • We are a professional service and we provide unbiased advice, straight talk and factual answers.
  • To the extent it exists, we’ll find the vehicle you want the way you want it equipped.
  • No dealer contact, no haggling over price, no wasting of your valuable time.
  • No high-pressure sales tactics, no “bait & switch” antics.
  • We find & negotiate the lowest financing/leasing available for your selected vehicle.
  • Free delivery to our office, your home or your office within a 150 mile radius.
  • Reasonable delivery fees for vehicles located far away.
  • You relax, we’ll do all the work, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Q. Why should I pay you a fee when some buying services are free?

First, the old adage is true, “you get what you pay for.”  And, since nothing is free, you really don’t get much from “free” services.

  • “Free” services have set or prearranged pricing.  They do not negotiate each and every order based on current market conditions.
  • Free services tend to utilize a participating, or LOCAL network of sources.  They do not “scour the market” and look outside of their region for the best bargains.
  • At ABCS, we have an extensive national network of dealers and no “participation agreements” with any of our dealership resources.
  • We are experts at locating hard-to-find vehicles and we deal only in facts.  Free buying services search only locally and they frequently provide inaccurate or outdated inventory information.  They often work with dealers who mislead the buyers into believing they have the desired vehicle in stock just to get them on their lot.
  • We have total control over the transaction with the dealership because the contract terms are printed prior to delivery and the delivery is usually conducted off-site away from the dealerships F&I closing rooms.  Many free buying services are comfortable sending their clients to a classic “bait and switch” dealer, who “baits” the buyer to the dealership then “switches” the buyer into a more profitable sale, marks up the lease or finance rates and/or makes the sale conditional on purchasing heavily marked-up aftermarket products.
  • In short, other services do not put forth the extensive efforts on your behalf that you’ll enjoy with ABCS.  And that effort will benefit you substantially.

Q. How long will it take to get my vehicle?

A. For most vehicles, no more than a few days to a week.  However, for rare, limited, hard-to-find vehicles, the process may take significantly longer. We will do our best to make the process quick, simple and painless for you.

Once I agree to the price plus financing or leasing, if applicable, how long will I have to wait for my vehicle?

A. Once you have agreed to the purchase or lease, you vehicle will normally be delivered within 2 days or at your specified time (some time restrictions may apply) unless distant shipping is required.

Where do I pick up my vehicle?

A.  As mentioned previously, your new vehicle can be delivered to:

  • Our office (in which case we thoroughly inspect vehicle)
  • Your home, complete with paperwork
  • Your office, complete with paperwork
  • You may go to the dealership for delivery

Q. What happens if the vehicle delivered to me is not the vehicle I agreed to?

A. We never accept, nor are you responsible for any vehicle that is not in complete accordance with the vehicle specified in your agreement to purchase or lease.

Q. What happens if you cannot find the vehicle I want?

A. We will do our very best to locate your exact vehicle, even across the state if you are agreeable to shipping costs.  If your specified vehicle does not exist, we can special order it or find an alternative existing vehicle with specifications as close as possible to those that you indicated.

Q. What if my vehicle is damaged?

A. ABCS will not accept damaged products on your behalf.  If there is a minor issue or flaw, upon your consent, repair/touch-up will be made by the selling dealer under warranty.

Q. What about the warranty and service on vehicles you acquire for clients?

A. All vehicles that ABCS acquires for clients are negotiated through franchised new car dealerships.  Your vehicle will be fully covered by warranty from the manufacturer, just the same as if you purchased directly from a dealership yourself.  Your vehicle can be serviced, under warranty, by any authorized dealership selling the make you purchased or leased.

Q. If I live in another state, can I acquire a vehicle through ABCS?

A. Sorry, we primarily work with California dealerships but we often ship cars from California to clients in other states.

Q. Can I finance or lease my vehicle through ABCS?

A. Absolutely!  We have our own premium financing & leasing resources.  However, if there are advantageous subsidized lease or financing programs available through a manufacturer, we will arrange it for you.  Lastly, if you wish to utilize your own lender, we will be happy to work with them on your behalf.

Q. Do you assist clients with their trade-in?

A. We have a trade-in program designed to provide advantages over dealer trade-in programs.  Please see the trade-in section of this website.

Q. Do you offer aftermarket products and extended warranties?

A. Yes, and at significantly reduced prices from what dealers offer.  Additionally, we will negotiate far better pricing on your behalf for manufacturer accessory products available for the vehicle you select.  We offer the following premium products at prices you’ll appreciate.

  • Premium Extended Warranty Programs
  • Lease Wear and Tear Protection Policies
  • Wheel and Tire Protection
  • LoJack Theft Recovery Systems
  • Perma-Plate Paint & Material Protection Products
  • KARR Alarm Systems
  • Aftermarket Leather

Q. How does your service differ from other third party buying services?

A. ABCS Services differ from other third party buying services in many important ways that benefit you.  We are as near as your phone and we can handle the entire transaction by phone, fax, or email.

  • Ordering your vehicle through ABCS is almost as easy as ordering a pizza.
  • You do not have to personally visit that “special person” at the dealership only to learn that the price wasn’t so special after all.
  • We negotiate for you based on current market conditions, not some price point that was determined simply based on MSRP or Dealer Invoice, often early in the model year.
  • Desirable and hard to find models are not excluded in our negotiation channels.
  • We uncover “off-limit” factory-to-dealer incentives and spiffs that are not negotiated by other services.
  • We protect you from certain dealer prep charges, delivery fees, and other incidental costs that you will pay through other services or at dealerships.
  • Many/most buying services allow their dealers to mark up lease and finance rates.  We are aware of the manufacturer “buy rate” and do not work with dealers who play rate mark-up “games”.

In short, we work thoroughly and tirelessly for you in order to provide you with the most enjoyable and economically satisfying vehicle acquisition experience ever!