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We are experts in the field of auto leasing.

In fact, we probably understand leasing better than most dealership finance personnel. We can arrange your lease through the best available Auto Manufacturer leasing programs and also through other leasing banks in some cases. Ask us anything – we will be happy to explain the lease to you and provide complete transparency so you know you are getting a great deal.

If you are unsure whether leasing is for you, we can explain the pros and cons of leasing vs financing and help you to decide which option is best for you.   Whether buying or leasing, payment method is a minefield that buyers often encounter.  Leasing is a great option for many customers but dealers may promote leasing for all of the wrong reasons.  Leasing enables dealers to hide high vehicle pricing by promoting low payments without regard to the many pitfalls of leasing such as excess mileage penalties, turn-in fees, turn in penalties for excessive wear and tear and the fact that leasing generally obligates a buyer to perpetual car payments.  However, monthly payments are higher when financing and many dealers will bury customers who are focused on monthly payments into long term loans.   Another profit ploy, whether leasing or financing, is the marking up of finance and lease rates and/or acquisition fees to further enhance the dealer’s bottom line. Our background in finance and leasing provides our clients the unique benefit of receiving prudent advice regarding the best method of acquiring your new vehicle and the lending resources necessary to arrange first rate financing or leasing.

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